februari 2006

Vinsafe® Wine in a Can Seals in Success!

Barokes wine in a can launched explosively into the market with the striking image of a can smashing out of a wine bottle with the tag line … ‘shattering the tradition!’. For the wine in a can concept has certainly arrested the attention of the national and international wine market. As Barokes wine in a can is polarizing the wine industry progressive marketers and wine makers, can appreciate the inherent value of Vinsafe® canned wine product in a glance.

Aside from the convenience, security and environmental benefits that Vinsafe® presents, Barokes wine in a can offers a new delivery vehicle for wine, one that puts the can firmly in hands of young wine connoisseurs around the world. The implications for the global wine industry are far reaching and portentous.

Much has been said about growing the Australian wine industry by capturing the hearts, minds and drinking habits of a younger generation of wine drinkers. With their new packaging, which will be ready to launch in the first quarter of 2005, Barokes Vinsafe® wine in a can will resonate with this fickle, fashion forward audience, as it looks great, tastes great and delivers convenience and safety from all drink spiking, which other forms of packaging does not.

Barokes premium Australian wine in a can is patented by a process called Vinsafe® and is the only patented wine in a can product globally. As such Vinsafe® is totally unique and Barokes owns the intellectual property for the patented Vinsafe® process around the world, so imitators beware!

As part of their global patenting strategy Vinsafe® has granted patents in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and are awaiting the issue of the certificate in Singapore. With patents pending in up to 135 other countries under the international patent cooperation treaty for the Vinsafe® process of safely sealing premium wine in a can. Vinsafe® is a patented process and involves the transfer of intellectual property for the wine construction, can lining and filling specifications which are required to achieve premium quality, shelf life stability and longevity. The Vinsafe® IP will be available for wine makers and marketers to utilize. Discussions are currently underway with esteemed Australian wine companies who are looking to license the Vinsafe® technology … so, in future, expect to see your preferred wines, presented to you in a can bearing the Vinsafe® logo as your guarantee of quality assurance.

Other Vinsafe® wine in a can benefits include, convenience, portability, moderate serves and safety (no shattering glass!). Each Barokes can contains 2 glasses of premium wine which has been blended by Master of Wine Peter Scudamore-Smith, therefore assuring the absolute quality of wine. Barokes sparkling wine in can has been receiving accolades at blind testings, and the acclaimed Winestate Magazine has recently attested with a 3 star rating. Barokes Sparkling Chardonnay has also won the coveted silver award at the Wine for Asia expo in Singapore, November 2004. Barokes wine in a can is ready to rock the very foundations of the wine industry with an impressive line up of international distributors and prestigious awards.

In 2005 Barokes wine in a can will enter the lucrative European, North American and Chinese markets. Barokes wine in a can retails for approximately $3.99 and is available throughout Australia. Go to www.wineinacan.com for your closest outlet.

About Barokes Wines –

Barokes is unique in that they have perfected the technology to produce premium wine in an individually sized, sealed 250 ml can. Using the innovative Vinsafe® wine packaging system, the world’s first patented technology for producing and packaging wine in a can, Barokes has produced a range of wines renowned for premium quality, stability and longevity. Nine years of intensive research and development have been committed to creating this purpose built product for the global wine market.

The current range includes a Cabernet Shiraz Merlot, Chardonnay Semillon, Bubbly Cabernet Shiraz Merlot and Bubbly Chardonnay Semillon. This award winning wine has taken the export market by storm and Barokes currently distribute in nine markets, including Australia, Europe, Japan and a number of South East Asian countries.

Visit Barokes online at http://wineinacan.com. For further enquiries, product, images or interviews please contact:

Irene Topalidis
International Head of Marketing
Barokes Wines
75 Cecil Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
Phone: +613 9684 7277
Mobile: 0416 284 808
Email: irene.t@barokes.com

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