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What is decanting:

  1. getting wine onto the right temperature
  2. allows wine (particularly older wine) to separate from its sediment
  3. the cork taste will disappear

The best place to keep and store your wine:

  1. In a dark, cold cellar
  2. In a wine rack in the living room
  3. In the surroundings of a hot stove

What is chambering:

  1. An operation where the tannine in the wine disappear
  2. To bring wine at room temperature
  3. Sugar adds to the wine during preparation

What is tannin:

  1. vitamin E component
  2. an amino acid
  3. A bitter tasting group of compounds found naturally in grape skins and seeds

What is fermentation:

  1. Wine which matures too long, and becomes acid
  2. The process that makes wine out of grape juice
  3. Siphoning wine from the barrels

What is the meaning of the abbreviations AOC:

  1. Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée
  2. Appellation d'Origine Coopérative
  3. Appellation d'Organique Contrôlée

Why is the distance between the grape vines in the vineyard:

  1. the capillaries will have sufficient space
  2. To treat the vintage well
  3. prevention of mildew sicknesses; To ensure that the leaves dry in the wind

what is the Frence name of old vines:

  1. Vieilles vignes
  2. Vieles vignes
  3. Vieilles vines

What is Botrytis cinerea:

  1. A phytogenic fungus; pourriture noble
  2. Mite or type insect
  3. Another name for grape leaf louse