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As many people, as many grapes" could be one way of saying it. When my knowledge about wine was rather limited, I only knew that grape-juice was made from grapes. Nothing is less thrue now as I have expanded my knowledge of wine in general. Did you know there is much more worth knowing about sorts and variety's in grapes ? ...............Do consider the fact that nearly all of the great wine-grapes grown on this globe, are originated from France. These grapes are responsible for top quality wines made by highly skilled and motivated winemakers, under various conditions and circumstances. There is no place on earth that has the same condition of soil and the same weather-conditions ( micro-climate and terroir) which subsequently yields differ wines with specific character and long-lasting class. Thats what makes wine more interesting.

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Here below you find an alphabetical summary :

Cabernet Franc :

An typical bordeaux grape, To soften the some times wry taste of the cabernet sauvignon. In St Emilion and Pomerol he is the ideal companion of the dominating merlot. In the Loire-valley it is responsible for the typical taste of black berry in the Chinon and Bourgeuil. This grape ripens quite rapidly.

Cabernet Sauvignon :

The most important red Bordeaux grape. It is also the most high minded grape in the world, and provides a deep red coloure and lots of tannine to this rich wine. At each point on the compass you can find wines that bares this grapes name. This grape ripens slowly.

Chardonnay :

The most high minded white grape of France. In Bourgondy they are making diverge Chardonnay-wines ; the bone dry Chablis, the smokey Maconnais and the luxuriant wines from the Cote d'or. It is also a very important grape in the Champagne region.

Chenin Blanc :

This chenin grape is at its best grown in the Loire-valley and has a high yield. Chenin-wines are mostly fresh and will quench your thirst. There are also some sweeter varieties that taste very exciting.

Gamay :

This is the typical Beaujolais grape which is about 98% cultivated in this region. Gamay-wines are meant to be drank young and even the beste Crus are not expected to mature for more than a few years. This grape produces an enormous quantity of fruity grape-juice.

Gewurztraminer :

This red-coloured-yelow grape comes from the Alsace region in France and is responsible for the golden yellow exotic wines whit its pronounced taste of honey and all kinds of aromatic exotic fruits.

Grenache :

This is the globetrotter of the grapes and you will find it all over the world. It has been used to mingle whit other sorts to provide body, alcohol and a straw berry-fruit taste for example, with the Chateauneuf-du-Pape from the Rhône-valley. Dueto its sweetness it is used as the basis for vins-doux-naturels of the Roussilon region.

Merlot :

The Merlot is, in quantity, the most important grape in the Bordeaux region. In the Medoc and Graves he will give mildness and softens the wry taste of the Cabernet-sauvignon. It's the main grape in the Pomerol and St.Emilion wines

Muscat :

The grape that is responsible for the sweet flowery smell and the grapy taste in the vin doux naturel from the Roussilon region, the Muscat de beaumes-de-Venise from the Rhône region , and the dry wines from the Alsace region.

Pinot Noir :

A Bourgundian grape that is also succesfully grown in the Champagne region. It contributes greatly to the very marvellous and complex wines in both, Bourgundian and Champagne regions.

Riesling :

According to the France appellation laws this grape is only allowed to be grown in the Alsace region. This grape produces a whole range of different wines, from which they make the gold-yellow Riesling wine . With that flowery and honey bouquet its a fine wine .

Sauvignon Blanc :

In the Loire-valley it is a predominant ingredient to the Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumè wines. Its also has an important role in dry Bordeaux wines.

Semillon :

The most important grape in the Bordeaux region. This grape will give a high alcohol percentage with less acids. Semillon with "noble rot" is the basis for the sweet Sauternes-wines.

Syrah :

this is a dark colored grape that will pay its contribution as a high quality and characteristic wine, with depth and long-lasting flavor. The wines made out of this grape are extremely clear and fruity with some pepper in the taste, like the Hermitage and Côte Rôtie region wines.