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home port of the Dutch vineyards of wind-mills and wooden shoes. That's were the moste people think of when they speake about this beautifull country in Europe. No one would expect there is wine growing in a country were the weather conditions are verry changeable and unstable.

However the opposit is true, there are some verry passionated Dutch wine growers which have established and proved it is possible to growe wine in this part of the World. Click on the Dutch wind mill above to find out more about the - Dutch vineyards -

Present (2011) there are roughly 200 vineyard where 202.5 hectare (500.6 acres) is planted. Many of the vineyards are being started with passion and pioneering spirit, which is typically Dutch. the most are passionate from hobby and conviction. Currently there are about 170 professional (commercial) vineyards. Together they have made 1.353.400 bottles of wonderful Dutch wine. We expect an increase up to 250 hectares according to 190 commercial winery´s in the year 2012 . To find out, You must pay a visit to these winery's and be asstonished about the quality and craftsmanship of the Dutch wine growers and there marvellous wines. Sinds september 10, 1999 the Dutch vinicultaralist-guild was officialy founded. For more information about the Craft-Guild You can contact the secretary at:

So far the Dutch vineyard site is in the Dutch language but you can still get a summary of the diverse vineyards and there location in Holland. Please drop by during your summer holidays in Holland.


De Wijnhoek Dutch vineyard site is the place for your story about Dutch wine. Please send in your description
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