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The most people think they know all about wine; there are two different sorts Red wine and White wine. Thats almost true, but did you know there is so many more about wine ?. That marvellous wines made by passionate people who have pruned the grape plants, picked the grapes, care concerning fermentation and stuck the labels. See for your self and discover more about the differences in traditional wines.

Red wines :

Characteristics :

Companion :

Bordeaux :

This is normally a heavy ferm bodied wine with a slightly dry carracter and the taste of red fruit in it. You also can taste some vanilla becouse of the barrel aging Its most a combination of cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot. This wine matures wonderfull and in its yought there is a strong tatse of tannine in it.

This wine is a good companion with al kinds of meat such as beef, lamb, rabbit, duck, veal and all kinds of cheese. But you allso can drink this wine on a romantic evening near the fire place

Côtes du Rhône :

Some are light and fruity and others still do need bottle aging for a few years before you can drink them. Its a wine with a slight taste of pepper red fruite laurel and allso some wood in it. You drink them normally at young age 3 to 4 years .The grapes this wine is made of are, grenache, cincault, mourvèdre en carignan

You drink this wine for example by chili con carne and all kinds of stews, raw vegetables, casseroles, ratatouille, steak, beef, liver, and chicken but allso pork chops( grilled )

Bourgogne :

In their yought they are crisp, spicy, very fruity, bricht and slightly sweet. The colour is purple and in the tatse and nose, there's a fine aroma of all kinds of red fruit. In the years the complexity and the spicy taste will give this wine a full balanced flavor.The pinot noir is the most used grape.

Drink this wine with game, venison, game-birds, chicken in wine, beef (in finer cuts), lamb and cheese souffle.

Many people do ovespeak with appreciation about this marvellous wine; the wine of kings

Cabernet Sauvignon :

This is a wine made world.wide It is s a characteristic wine with a middle-deep purple-red colour. The taste is shaggy and rough in its yought but becomes more complexety after a vew years of bottle aging. The nose is intens full of red fruite and with a high contents of tannine and acids. This wine can mature perfectly

These wines are a good companion to mixed-grill, pork- roast , filet-mignon, and duck. Drink it with a couple of good friends at a nice evening with some pizza, cheese or a barbecue

Chianti :

  • classico:
  • The colour is pale red clear and bright.The aroma's are pure and crisp with lots of red fruit, not to pronounced by young wines. The taste is dry with a ferm finish. This Tuscany wine is made out of the sangiovese and trebiano grape.

    This typical Italian wine is the best companion to all kinds of pasta's with red sauce, veal, steak (bistecca alla Fiorentina), chicken and rabbit.

    Rioja :

  • crianza
  • reserva
  • gran-reserva
  • A full bodyed wine with a spicy aroma, lots of red fruit and some vanilla. Depending on the years of barrel and bottle aging the wine reach a higher level (Reserva and Gran Reserva). The complexity is very pronounced and in the years the colour is changing from purple-red to amber-brown .Even on high age very vital.

    This wine is the perfect companion of all red and white meat, Kidney, veal roast, chicken, choriozo and the famous paella. Allso different cheese sorts will do fine.

    Barolo :

    In the cool hills of Piemonte the nebbiolo grapes grow on the gradient slope. This is the grape where the wine is made of. It is a very heavy purple red wine with a full flavored taste and lots of red fruit, laurel and tannine in it. It's one of the best wines from Italy. In the tatse you can experience the smell of a newly tared shipsdeck

    Through its ferm character it's a perfect match to beef, veal, game, stew, pheasant,duck,rabit(wild) and different cheeses. If you'll like to drink this wine loose then give it lots off attention and time to breath begause its a very heavy wine to drink.


    White wines :

    Characteristics :

    Companion :

    Bordeaux :

    The sauvignon-blanc en sémillon grapes are responsible for this dry wine with a slightly green vegetable aroma and allso the smell of some asparages in it. Mostly crisp and spicy. The sémillon grape with noble rot, is the basic for the sweet Sauternes-wines.

    These mostly dry wines are a perfect match to all kinds of fish plates and of course everithing coming from the sea. In France, Les Fruits de Mer et le Poissons. Its also an aperitif wine. The sweet sauternes are delicious accompany to a sweet desser

    Pouilly-Fumè :

    A typical sauvignon wine from the Loire with the smell of goospberry's and grapefruite in it and sometimes allso fire-stone. A fantastic glass of bright cool and spicy wine with a tingling on the jaws. Similar to sancerre wines. .

    Its a perfect aperitif just enjoy a glass during a sunny day or a sultry summer evening. A good companion to everithing coming from the sea and especially asparagus.

    Riesling :

    The pure riesling is coming from the alsace in France. Here the grapes are tended as nobles. The wines colour is mostly yellow-gold but in its yought its coloring to green. Generally this wine has a intens bouquet of lemon en grapefruit and honey . The taste is fresh, full and pure.

    This wine is a all mans friend. A good match to sweet and salt water fish, trout, lobster salad, fish in cream sauce, crab, shellfish, cheese fondue, mild meats, Its also an aperitif wine to drink under an old oaktree looking at sun down.

    Tokay Pinot Gris :

    The Alsace is one of the most sunny and dry area's of France. This comes to expresion in the tokay pinot gris, with its power and its full character. In the smell you can find impressions of honey, nuts and also something smoky.Its a medium dry wine with a hang to sweet

    A good companion to bisques, veal, tuna, salmom, shellfish grilled, fish souffle, and roaste duck. The alsatian winemakers do have as there speciality goos liver pate. This wine is a wine for very special occasians with your best friends .

    Chardonnay :

    This wine is full bodied big and rich. The smell of this grape calls impressions of passion fruit, mango annanas and all kinds of other tropical fruit. Depending on its age the colour is pale-gold with an overtone of green to deep-amber-gold The tatse can be fresh, bone-dry, chubby, with a buttery and smoky character.

    A fine aperitif wine with duration. A perfect combination to sea fish, smoked salmon, fruite des meres, oysters, lobster, griled fowl, roast duck, pheasant, veal and all kinds of with meat. Also a companion of different kinds of chees and pasta's.....The climax of the day (or evening )

    Sauvignon blanc :

    These wines do normaly have a very pronounced character with strenght and a great amount of fruit. In the taste you can find goosberry, bilberry lemmon-peel, olives and some times fire-ston. Its a tingling fresh dry lively wine.

    When it is a hot day and you are graving for something to drink, then this wine is the absolute attraction of the season. Accompanied with oysters and other sea food suche as shellfish sauted fish, crab, but also veal, withe meat and cold salads will make your day.

    Muscat :

    Everywhere scattered all over France, you will find the little enclaves where they make diverge wines. You will find the Vins-Doux-Naturel from the Roussillon. The yelow-gold Muscat-de-Beaumes-de-Venice from the Rhône district and from the alsce region you will get some dry sorts. These wines are normaly sweet and flowery in there taste and smell. The alcoholpercentage can rise to 14% .

    The muscat wines are typical dessert wines, and they will crown it all. A good companion to apricots, pears, stewed fruit, and melon.You also can drink it as an aperitif or entrée.


    One of the most famous sparling wines from France. A great wine thats typical for a feast or a banquet This wine is composed and made out of the chardonnay, pinot noir en pinot meunier grapes. The preparation and production is protected by law and is called 'Méthode Champenoise' .a fine sparkeling bubble wine

    Enjoy it with lobster grilled red meat or mushroom dishes.

    To me it is a typical oppotunity wine for example celebrating the new years day, bringing a toost to the bride and groom or selebrate the birth of a child.