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Read all about law and legislation, containing for example the hygiene code HACCP and others like: EKO, SKAL, HPA 2009, BOB, BGA, Cepage etc. Legislation (Dutch)

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What is the average harvest quantity by hectare in the Netherlands:
At this moment (2011) the wine-growing area is approximately 202.5 hectares (500.6 acres). If we assume to plant 3600 vines per ha. and growe 8 branches per vine, and leave two bunches of grapes per branche that give 2.5 up to 3 kilogrammes grapes. The maximum volume per hectare is approximately 5.000 litres, what gives 6700 bottles wine per hectare. In total they make approximately 1.353.400 bottles of wine in the Netherlands.

Which grapes can be used for Dutch country wine? From law and legislation it becomes each time more transparent and clear.
- total overview of permitted types in the Netherlands:

The composition of the soillayers influences on the quality and taste of the wine. In the Netherlands you can determine roughly the next classification:


- mergel soils and slopes.

Noord Limburg

- some licht acid sandy soils.


- some licht acid sandy soils.


- clay and zavel soils, excessive (shell) lime.

Zuid Hollandse eilanden

- clay and zavel soils, excessive (shell) lime.

Gelderland Veluwe

- sandy soils.

Betuwe land van Maas en Waal

- river clay.

Achterhoek, Twente

- acid sandy soils.

Nieuwe polders Flevoland/ NOP

- young clay with lots of shells.


- clay and peat areas.


- clay.


- clay.

Click here for a soillayer map of the Netherlands
Click here for an overview of sun hours in the Netherlands

Which wine type can you get with the following for Dutch table wine permitted grape types:

  • leon millot : depending on the vinificatie method - light fruity beaujolais like to rather heavily bordeaux type.
  • maréchal foch : depending on the vinificatie method - light fruity beaujolais like to rather heavily bordeaux type.
  • regent : good blushwine (rosé) fruity red or heavy tannine rich wines merlot type.
  • johanniter : fresh riesling type wines.
  • rubens : fresh riesling type wines.
  • melody : pinot blanc type wines.
  • rayon d'or : riesling character wines, pronounced pH value with some bittergrapefruit in the aftertaste.
  • solaris of horizon : chardonnay type wines
  • cabernet cortis : cabernet sauvignon type wines *
  • VB 91-26-5 : merlot type wines *
(* still at experimental stage)

Online information on grape sicknesses and infestations:

Labels of Dutch wines enjoyed by me
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Elkandre Hoeve Nekum Hoeve Nekum
Domain des Blaireaux De Agthuysen De Vuurlijn
De Veluwe De Vuurlijn wageningseberg wageningseberg
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